PBX: Private Business Exchange connects phone lines (trunks) to phones (extensions). Usually our customers have specific requirements on how they like phone calls to be routed within their company. This function is all part of process that the PBX manages.

Call Concurrency: This is the number of calls (in both directions) that a service can process at once.

Trunk: A trunk has your primary phone number assigned. Trunks can numbers can have multiple concurrent calls on the same phone number.

Extension: This is what an end user device connects to within the PBX. As a rule of thumb every user who has a handset will require an extension.

Number Porting: Phone numbers are connected to a provider. (usually the one that provides you your services) Number porting simply moves your number to a new provider to provide new services.

Local Calling Number: Local to your current location, for example a cell phone can have a 021 XYZ number and a 07 1234 number. If you are in Hamilton the 07 1234 number is considered the “local number”. In the context of this solution, local calling is free.

Toll Free Number: These numbers are reverse change numbers. In New Zealand are quite often known as 0800 or 0508 numbers and rather than the calling party paying, the receiving party pays all call charges. Toll free numbers MUST be assigned to their own separate Trunk.

Cell phone extension: These allow your company to use existing cell phones as PBX extensions. Please note that these are included but you must have a “local calling number” configured on your cell phone. Configuration of cell phone extensions not using a local calling number will be charged as an additional 20c per minute. Local calling number needs to be configured by your cell phone network provider and is normally available on business cell phone accounts at no additional charge. Cell phone extensions are inbound only and once the call has been handed to your cell phone network provider the features available to the user is limited by your cell phone provider.

DDI Number: (Direct Inbound Dialling) DDIs allow a private phone number to be attached to a user’s extension. DDIs are inbound only and cannot be used for outbound calls therefore do not increase your call concurrency allocation.

Trunk Link Number: This allows you to have additional number linked to your primary number, it does NOT increase call concurrency and cannot be used for a Free Number service.

Fax Service: This is a service that allows you to send and receive faxes directly to your desktop. Faxes will be sent and received via your Email service.

Service Reconfiguration: From time to time you may require changes to your service. We have a standard service change fee of $50 per requested change. This covers Hosted PBX changes. These charges will be added to your monthly invoice and settled by your existing direct debit.

On Site Changes: If you require one of our engineers to come on site to reconfigure your phones after your installation has been signed off, this will attract a minimum charge of $150/hour and additional hours as required. These charges will be added to your monthly invoice and settled by your existing direct debit.