Finally, a business phone solution that has NO upfront cost with a FIXED monthly “all you can eat” fee for all NZ calling. As a business, this removes the risk from your monthly phone account. You no longer have to worry about any surprise invoices.

LogicalVoice is a new business offering that utilises the latest VoIP technology to deliver a true business grade telephone solution for all businesses with a fixed monthly fee.

For a FLAT monthly fee, you have access to our business grade phone solution that includes all NZ calling (landline and cell). Invoiced on the 30th of each month, payment is to be made via “direct debit” and will be made 20th of the month following the invoice.


Flat rate local, national & mobile calling

Flat rate local & national calling


These are just some of our more popular features. Because we understand each business is different, we don’t put you in a box. We prefer to work with our customers on a personal level to provide a custom solution that best fits their business.


With our solution, we want to ensure we offer our customers a full feature set, unlike many other hosted solutions – this means that we manually configure the PBX to each customer’s requirements.

LogicalVoice run a business hours helpdesk. As part of this we will do the best we can to actively monitor your connection (dependant on the router you have your connection).

This service is built around a total business solution and therefore cannot be purchased separately. The hosted PBX is how we deliver many of the services outlined.

The service is configured to automatically debit your account. The automation makes manual entry of payments impossible so unfortunately is not an option.

Firstly, especially with fibre connections the outages our customers experience are few and far between – but in a worst case scenario we can configure a “fail over” calls location. This is where all calls will be directed to should the service have any type of outage.

Yes, we can. Please let us know you if are interested in an internet service as well and we can price that into the final quote.

Most customers use a fibre UFB connection, VoIP uses very little bandwidth and we have successfully run installation on both fibre and VDSL service. Talk to us in the discovery phase of the project and we will do our best to confirm your connection.


Call us today on 0800 895 200 or e-mail info@logicalvoice.co.nz with your enquiry.

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