Flat rate Local & National Calling

*all prices are GST exclusive

Small Business

  • 10 Physical or Cell Extensions
  • 2 Trunk Numbers
  • 3 DDI Numbers
  • 5 Call Concurrency

Medium Business

  • 20 Physical or Cell Extensions
  • 3 Trunk Numbers
  • 6 DDI Numbers
  • 10 Call Concurrency

Large Business

  • 60 Physical or Cell Extensions
  • 7 Trunk Numbers
  • 20 DDI Numbers
  • 30 Call Concurrency

Need a little extra of something?

Per Extention Addition


Per Trunk or Fax Number Addition


Per DDI Addition


Call Concurrency (per 5)


Are your requirements somewhere in between?  Or above and beyond?

Don’t worry, we won’t put you in a box; in fact we’d love to discuss your needs & give you a quote tailored to your business.

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